🚨GAA legend calls for major change after farce in Ennis .. 😬

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The former Kilkenny hurler Eddie Brennan took to his twitter yesterday after what looked like a guess from the umpire in the Clare vs Waterford match in Ennis.

See his tweets below and the comments underneath ..

How do you know it was guess work? You could clearly see it coming off the Hurley of the Waterford player. And he was right next to it. He got the call right give the man some credit. What is shocking is the behaviour from coaches and players at this level

The umpire hadn’t a clue you could clearly see by his body language. He was just about to wave it wide when he signalled for a 65 instead. Right call, but what or who changed his mind?

Need VAR or similar TMO tech for crucial decisions like that in GAA
In rugby when such dilemmas need to be considered, upstairs to TMO and there’s no guess work about it..

A decision that is that important should be the right call. There needs to be a TMO even for 1 or 2 calls a game

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  1. If it’s the correct call how do you know he was guessing . He the Umpire had a perfect view. As a matter of fact I’d say the best one on the Pitch.

  2. No need of var or two if the umpire did the job right as soon as the ball landed he should have been out to see what was happening.
    It comes down to training umpire course should be run by senor County referees so that umpires are consistent in the way they doo their job .we have had a lot of guess work by umpires this year its the referee that has to take the fall out from there mistakes.

  3. Whether or not the umpire was right or wrong it is obvious from his position that he was totally unsighted. Influenced no doubt by the shouts of the crowd behind the goal. Players training all year and a decision is made by umpires who are always available to referees throughout the year at club games etc., but many of whom are not up the level required for big match occasions. Loyalty unfortunately doesn’t result in quality.
    The ref should have taken matters in hand but he didn’t. The pace of the game doesn’t help referees but too often the standard is poor.

  4. Those calling for VAR or something similar need their heads examined. The cost alone at provincial grounds would be prohibitive.

  5. It might have been the right decision but the umpire had no idea it was pure luck with thousands of Clare fans screaming at him from 10 feet away ref should have had a word with him if you are not sure you can’t give it and also in the same goal in the first half they gave a wide against Waterford when the goal keeper clearly saved it

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