CJ Stander ‘It’s easy to make fun of the foreigner, or the guy who is not like ‘us’. There’s a circle and I’m outside’

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The Munster & Irish number eight made played over 50 times for Ireland and over 150 times for Munster was talking on We Become Heroes, an RTÉ Sport podcast and addressed the issue of ‘not being Irish’

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“I wouldn’t say I got a harder time, there are lots of players out there who get even more slack than me,” Stander commented.

“It made it easier for people to throw more slack my way because I have a funny accent, or I talk funny, or I play a funny game.

“It just makes it easier for them to make fun of the foreigner, make fun of the guy who is not like us. This is the circle, I’m outside, everyone is laughing and I’m just standing there taking it and you have to.

“I knew that there is nothing I can say, I can’t call these people. All I can do is go out on Saturday, play well and just say I showed you, thanks for coming

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