🚨 Chris Eubank Sr names the toughest fight of his career

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Chris Eubank Sr recently shed light on some of the toughest nights in his career.

Eubank Sr was a household name in the 90’s after having a very memorable rivalry with Nigel Benn but speaking to Simon Jordan on Up Front, he revealed another fighter was his toughest test and claimed he was was ‘within inches of death’.

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“Michael Watson, most certainly. Michael Watson hasn’t made any money over all these years. He beat Nigel, he beat him. Look at the world and how we play lip service.”

“Michael was and is now the people’s champion. Let’s give back. Let’s do something for Michael, let’s turn up, because whatever Nigel put me through doesn’t compare to what Michael Watson put me through.”

“I only won one minute of that fight irrespective of what people say because they’re not feeling it. I’m an actor. So when I’m hit hard and it’s crippling, my job is to not show the pain. But let me tell you, I was within inches of death that night.”


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