Chinese football authorities announce BAN on tattoos and pressure players to undergo removal

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Chinese footballers could be forced to have laser tattoo removal if they ever want to play for the national team again.

The contempt towards tattooed footballers from those pulling the strings in Chinese football is no secret, but the powers at be have recently taken things one step further.

As is reported by the Daily Mail, not only have the General Administration of Sport (GAS) banned Chinese footballers from being tattooed, but they’re now taking aim at those who already have.

They have been advised to undergo the laser removal process, which is both pricey and painful, in order to remove their pre-existing tattoos and set a good example for the next generation.

Chinese footballers have been BANNED from having tattoos

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The draconian measure will have to be adhered to by Chinese footballers if they want to have any chance of being called up to play for their country, which is incredibly harsh, in our minds.

Though it may seem so, it’s hardly breaking news that Chinese authorities operate in a considerably different manner to the west. Tattoos are seen as a positive way to express yourself through your appearance in many countries – but not in China.

It remains to be seen whether the bulk of the Chinese players will go through the laser tattoo process or will turn their back on the national team. It’s a lose, lose situation, in truth.