Chelsea look to Foo Fighters in bid to strengthen medical team

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Chelsea Football Club have looked to the FOO FIGHTERS in their bid to strengthen the medical team.

There is a top-to-bottom overhaul happening at Cobham at current, with Chelsea’s new owners bringing in their people across all functions of the business.

The latest area where they have added fresh faces is in the medical department… with one of them being Dave Grohl’s personal physio, Freddie Murray.

Murray helped Grohl, who is the frontman of the Foo Fighters, after he suffered a broken leg. He’s now working for Chelsea, as per the Daily Mail.

Todd Boehly leaves immediate mark on Chelsea as new owner - Sports  Illustrated
Todd Boehly (pictured) is overhauling Chelsea’s staff from top to bottom

It remains to be seen if Todd Boehly rang up the Foo Fighters hotline before giving the green light to Murray’s appointment, but he evidently has an impressive track record.

From Boehly’s perspective, the priority will be nursing N’Golo Kante back to health, with the Frenchman suffering recurring muscular injury issues.

Anyone with any affiliation with Chelsea will be hoping that Murray is able to have a positive impact on both Kante and any other injured members of the squad.