🚨Celtic fans labeled a ‘disgrace’ with what they did on Remembrance Sunday 😬

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It was Remembrance Sunday in the UK yesterday as we remember all those that lost their lives in the World War. Before Celtic played Aberdeen at a full house at Celtic Park there were boos that echoed through out the stadium.

See it below and the comments to go with it..

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You know this is a country where people are free not to like the remembrance ceremonies?

They are free, but I’m also free to think they are disgusting for doing so.

Celtic is my Scottish team, but this is disgraceful. This doesn’t represent all of us. I hate the Palestine flags as well. This was only a minority of the ground btw. The green brigade fan group are the ones pushing for this. But the club has banned them until further notice. These supporters don’t speak for me.

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  1. I just wonder how futher down this group of fans will stoop, I bet if the looked up their family history there would be a relative who was in these wars and where killed or were in the armed forces in these wars and survived, absolutely disgusting and vile no other words can describe their DISRESPECT TO THE DEAD

  2. Unfortunately, no surprise there. A lot of filth follow this divisive mob, they have no place in the UK.

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