🚨Fans & Ex-players are going mental at the way the referee handled the Cathal Barrett head injury

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Former Cork hurler Mark Foley is never shy to share his thoughts on twitter and today it’s been revealed that Cathal Barrett will miss Tipperary’s next game due to a concussion he picked up in that draw game over Limerick on Sunday. A lot of people weren’t happy with this incident, see some of the comments below..

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It was a cracking weekend of hurling in Munster, with all four teams going hell for leather as they fight to keep their chances alive in the All-Ireland. The GAA really have to be careful with these head injuries as you can see the trouble it’s causing in rugby.

The GAA players are bigger and stronger nowadays and the hits at that speed are serious! It’s not like before!

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    1. Its the 3rd game oinvolving limerick that someone wasseriously. Saying players are bigger and stronger is no excuse for dangerous play which at times not accidental. GAA and team management have a responsibility to players and so haveplayers to each other. Its win at all costs. Cut out the hypocrisy and bullshit about it being manly

  1. Barrett made a meal out of it, minimal contact. He leaned his head into tackle and then rolled around the ground looking for a red card. Referee saw him for what he is. Acts the hard man in every match when he is clearly soft as butter.

    1. You are a shithead. It should have been a red card . That ref should not get another game in the future. Byrne the Limrick no 5 made a charge at the Tip player who hat to get medical attention off the pitch and the silly ref gave Byrne a free which he scored The free should have gone against him , and if had scored it they would probably won by 2 points. How do the gaa pick these fellows , and the umpires must be all speck savers clients Bye now.

    2. Ok so you thought it was ok but I thought it was a physical assault. Another incident where the Limrick no 5 charged with te ball and sent a Tip player for medical attention off the pitch and the silly ref gave him a free that he scored . It should have been a Tip free which if scored would have seen Tip win by 2 points. So I ask where does the gaa dig up these fellows , and most of the umpires must be supplied by speck savers . Sligo footballers were robbed by one of these b b s that the refs bring along for the day , even when they maybe in their 70s or 80s. Bye now,

    3. Barrett is well experienced yes but i do think that the referee was shocking and Seamus Flanagan should have had a straight red card and i know Barrett is out for the against my devoted Waterford but it wouldnt surprise me if he misses the munster final if the make it that far

    4. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Hurling needs to come out of the dark ages and Limerick need to clean up their act. Far too many dangerous tackles to be accidental. HIA must come to hurling asap.

    5. I’m disappointed to say I’m from Limerick ,they played a very disappointed dirty game even when the final whistle went some of the Limerick players trying to start a fight I think it’s time they got shot down a peg

    6. You’re a clown ! A concussion is not something you make a meal of. Only a real thicko would say what you have. Morrissey took him out of it directing the shoulder into his face! Earlier Diarmaud Byrnes had taken him out with a head bull charge that had Barrett spouting blood from the nose and mouth.

    1. @John McGrath look at the video instead of talking horsehite. He was going for the ball landing awkwardly on Flanagan( the lad who intentionally asssulted Stephen Bennett with a shoulder charge innthe waterford game)!, that led him to touch the helmet. Barrett however did receive a yellow nonetheless. But when Diarmaid Byrnes had Barrett bleeding out of the nose and mouth with a bull head charge, and later Tom Morrissey took him out with now another one of the very infamous Limerich shoulder to head tackles. That tackle left Barrett with a full head concussion and he’s can’t participate in the game against Waterford this week. But your and every other Limerick supporter’s silence on these tackles are sickening. Not only that the referees hadn’t booked any of them either such is the twisted GAA but you have some nerve saying as you have when even Later Tom Morrissey tried taking Jake Morris out too. All were red card offences according to the Rule book. It seems you limerick people want everyone else sent off regardless but when it comes to having the rules applied to yourselves, that’s not on at all and ye are all terrible silent on it . Dishonest Cheaters is what its known as.

  2. Mark Foley Played for limerick and Tipperary didn’t beat limerick on Sunday.. Great research lads

  3. I’m disappointed to say I’m from Limerick ,they played a very disappointed dirty game even when the final whistle went some of the Limerick players trying to start a fight I think it’s time they got shot down a peg

  4. Maybe it’s time for the more hysterical aspect of Tipperary hurling to play hockey instead. Barrett’s injury was an unfortunate collision. If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. Change the rules so and make it a contact less game

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