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It Looks Like McGregor v Mayweather Is Likely To Never Happen
If you were still holding out hope of seeing a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, it’s time to “move on.” In a video by, Floyd was asked if there was still a possibility that he would step into the ring with McGregor. “I... Read more
Conor McGregor Reportedly NOT Fighting At UFC 205
When Dana White was asked if Conor McGregor was fighting Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 he said it is not true and that it’s Khabib Nurmagomedov who is getting the shot. Khabib says “Me and Dana just waiting for Eddie to sign. I promise I will... Read more
VIDEO: Big Show “I Still Love Conor McGregor…Even Though He Trashed WWE”
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Conor McGregor v Eddie Alvarez Has Been All But Confirmed
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Conor McGregor Reveals Behind The Scenes Footage Of His COD Character
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What Cockiness Brings In Sports – Taunting Gone Wrong In Sports
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10 Things That Only A Sunday League Footballer Will Understand
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VIDEO: Conor McGregor Could Soon Fight With Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris
During an interview with Cabbie presents UFC President Dana White spoke of how he managed to get martial arts legend Bruce Lee into the new UFC game and other famous fighters who might feature in the future. Read more
WATCH: Conor McGregor Shows Massive Respect To CM Punk After UFC Debut
Conor McGregor had a little joke at former WWE Superstar CM Punk’s expense after the wrestler turned MMA fighter was beaten convincingly after just 2 minutes on his UFC debut. Despite the loss McGregor did go on to say “fair play to him because he got... Read more