Alex Ferguson Switches at Jonny Evans
Fergie wasn’t holding back! Read more
Next Season’s Premier League Ball Has Been Revealed | BenchWarmers
Images of the 2016/17 Premier League football have been leaked online and it’s an absolute beauty. Here it is… This could be a possibility also and it’s a beauty… We’ve come a long way since the old Mitre balls…   and to this day our favourite... Read more
Paul McShane Breaks Into A Spanish Villa And Pretends To Be Sergio Ramos | BenchWarmers
Irish footballer Paul McShane has broken into a villa in Ibiza and pretended to be Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. McShane, who is not Spanish, has broken into a luxury villa on the island of Ibiza and recorded himself in a fake champions League pre-match line-out... Read more
WATCH: Nike’s ‘The Secret Tournament’ Plus The Rematch | BenchWarmers
Nike have had some great ad campaigns over the years but few come close to their World cup 2002 spectacular ‘The Secret Tournament.” The Secret Tournament (also known as “Scorpion KO or “The Cage) was a Nike global advertising campaign coinciding with the 2002 FIFA World Cup. With a marketing budget estimated... Read more