🚨All out bust up at a New Years party in Carlow to ring in the NY 😬🎉

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There was a massive scrap to ring in the New Year, it’s unclear where the incident took place, but there are rumours going around that it took place somewhere in the midlands, Carlow is believe to be the location. See the video below;

MORE HERE: 🚨Calls for a replay in the Old Firm Derby as there was blatant incident in the game that the officials missed 😬

“Why don’t you go out on New Year’s Eve Sam?” Na….. your alright. I’ll stay in and have a few drinks, cheese biscuits with my wife!

Lads seriously stop fighting each other and help fight against stabby illegals. We need to stand together

The bird with the glass got the lad in blue a good hiding

Felt like I was there. Get the camera operator on salary. No tilting the head. Quality work really. Are there awards for this type of work. It’s real progress imo.

Whilst we fight each other they are taking over perhaps redirect your energy elsewhere?

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