🚨 Carl Froch tells Anthony Joshua to meet him face-to-face and claims he’s been sent more abusive messages

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Carl Froch and Anthony Joshua’s feud doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Last week Froch revealed that he had exchanged WhatsApps with AJ after being called a ‘p***k’ by the heavyweight in an interview.

Froch speaking to BestOnlinePokerSites has now claimed the former champion has sent him more abusive messages.

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He said: “I’ve shared 10 per cent of the messages. I mean, it’s schoolboy stuff. It’s like plastic gangsters. It’s pathetic really, it’s childish and it’s a bit ridridiculous.

“I think he’ll be cringing to himself at that.

“I’ve shared it because why should I be abused by somebody in this position and be called that name?

“I’ve kept 90 per cent of what he’s said away.

“He’s messaged me again, overnight, and deleted four of the messages.”

“I’ve had a barrage of abuse directed to me, but I don’t mind meeting up and dealing with it like men.

“Because if you’re going to do little backstab jibes and send me messages abusing me.

“And then deleting stuff, and then you don’t pick your phone up when I try to give you a call to have a conversation with you man to man.

“Then what am I going to do? I’m going to expose you for what you are.”

Froch finished by calling Joshua a quitter once again: “I’ve always said he’s a bit mentally fragile since losing to Ruiz.

“He got his soul taken away from him didn’t he, let’s be honest. He quit, didn’t he? It goes down as a technical knockout.

“That’s never happened to the Cobra, by the way, which I did tell him.

“The Cobra doesn’t get knocked out. But he quit on his feet.”

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