🚨 Carl Froch responds to John Fury’s rant, he’s absolutely destroyed him

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John Fury wasn’t happy with Carl Froch’s recent comments about his son’s resume.

The Cobra had questioned Tyson Fury’s credentials after two of the best wins on his record (Deontay Wilder and Otto Wallin) were recently beaten in comfortable fashion.

This led to the type of rant from John Fury that you would expect and he took aim at ‘The Cobra’.

Speaking to Boxing Social he raged: “He’s a first class s***house, wants a kick up the a***, and he’ll get it off me if he ever comes round me.

“They’re jealous because people are only interested in current champions. No-one wants to know about has-beens.

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“That’s why when you see the Furys out of boxing you’ll never see us again, we don’t hang around as has-beens.

“You’re a bum Carl Froch, keep my son’s name out of your mouth because you ain’t good enough to kiss his f***ing a***.”

Well Froch clearly got the message and has fired back. Speaking on his YouTube channel he said: “He’s called me ‘a friggin’ sh**house.’ To me that means someone is a bottle job, scared to fight anybody. Have a look at my CV. I’ll fight anybody. I fear nobody, ‘I fear no man born from his mother’, to quote your son. Tyson Fury.”

He continued: “He’s called me a has-been. What’s all this business? That comes from somebody who has never been. Does that mean every previous world champion, Hall of Famer, Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali, are they all has beens? It’s ridiculous, it comes from a jealous place. I’ve never been jealous. I’m happy for boxers who paid good money for doing what I think is the hardest job in the world. There’s no jealousy, and I’ve never been a has been. Once a champion always a champion.”

“If I’m asked a question about your son, I will give an honest answer … Get over it, Big John. You’re on about kicking me up the arse when you see me. You won’t be kicking anybody. You won’t come near me. You’ll probably come and shake my hand, and I hope you do.”

“I don’t have to discredit Tyson to make my CV look better. Tyson has four wins over world champions. I’ve got 11 wins over world champions. I’m in the Hall of Fame for a reason.“

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