🚨 Carl Froch gives brutally honest KSI vs Fury assessment, he didn’t hold back

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Carl Froch has slammed the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight.

KSI dropped a majority decision to Fury in a really poor fight which was extremely scrappy. But after six rounds Fury would have his hand raised despite KSI calling it a ‘robbery’.

But Carl Froch has shared his thoughts on the lacklustre bout and well he’s summed it up pretty nicely.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel Froch On Fighting, he said:

“The fight was absolutely f****** diabolical, it was crap, probably the worst fight I’ve ever seen… It’s cringey to watch, Like, ‘What are these two guys doing?’ It’s appalling. Everyone agrees how sh!t it was.”

“And then they’ve got the audacity at the end to have an argument. You’ve just had six rounds to hit each other, and you stood and held each other – now you wanna have a f****** argument? I don’t think anybody should’ve won… it should’ve been a draw.”

Do you agree with ‘The Cobra’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I don’t think it should have been a draw.i think it shouldn’t have happened.all these you tubers are crap.not boxers.im surprised fury went for it.i know it was money talking but he made himself look amateurish.he wouldn’t have a chance against a proper fighter.

  2. Wen i watched i couldn’t believe Wat i ws watching .it wd More like a circus or been at a 90s rave.fury u really embarrassed yoursekf a pro against a u tube clown .u bum

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