๐Ÿšจ Carl Froch fires back at legendary British fighter who said he’d beat him

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Carl Froch was name dropped by British boxing legend Nigel Benn.

When speaking on Through The Ropes, Benn was asked what fighter he would have liked to have faced from the eras that came after him and he named Carl Froch.

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He explained: โ€œIf George Groves could put him down, I would have kept him down but yeah he would have been a person I would have loved to have fought.โ€

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Froch On Fighting, โ€˜The Cobraโ€™ hit back.

โ€œYou got done by Watson, you got done by Eubank, you got smoked twice by Collins, you were only 32.โ€

He continued: โ€œI was 36 nearly 37 jumping in with George Groves, 10 years my junior, and I put him on button moon. Iโ€™ve got bags of respect for you but letโ€™s be realistic, I reckon Iโ€™ve got your number. โ€œ

Who would you back in this fantasy match-up? Let us know in the comments.


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    1. Would have been a cracking fight think Nigelโ€™s ferocity and non stop attack would just about give him the edge. Has to be 60/40 in Benns favour.

  1. Benn all day..Froch had a good chin granted,But Benn wouldโ€™ve put him away..As would Eubank,Collins & Watson !!!

  2. Let’s not forget the amount of WARS nigel Benn has been through Wharton , Eubank, especially Gerald Mcllelland…that fight basically finished him psychically and emotionally. Froch was a great fighter too but he has been in one war with jermain Taylor where he turned it around

    1. Frochwouldn’t of even lasted 5 rounds with Ben, in fact calzaghe would of beaten froch and he would of done it easily …….Benn, eubank, Watson , mclen, calzaghe and Collins would of knocked him out

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