Carl Frampton has ‘deep hatred’ for the McGuigan Family

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The two talent boxers from the North Frampton & McGuigan had a bust up a few year ago and ever since they two have not met eye to eye and Carl Frampton has come out again displaying his disgust for McGuigan and his family;

“There’s no relationship with them now, I’m just out of a court case with them which was settled,” Frampton told the James English podcast.

“It was settled so nobody can say they won or anything but what I can say is that I’m very f***ing happy with the settlement.

“But there’s no relationship, I f***ing despise them, just the way it is, shame.

“It is sad, look I like to think of myself as a nice guy and I trust everybody, like, I loved these guys.

“I had Shane and Jake McGuigan as groomsmen at my wedding, I was a groomsman at Shane’s wedding, pretty much like brothers.

“But I have a deep hatred for them now, all of them, and I wouldn’t f***ing p*** on them if they were on fire, I genuinely mean it.”

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