Canelo Alvarez answers the pressing question about Jake Paul

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Canelo Alvarez has spoken – Jake Paul IS good for boxing, despite countless claims to the contrary.

Ever since Jake Paul made his professional boxing debut there has been a debate raging on about whether the social media sensation is a good or bad thing for the sport. It’s safe to say that the jury is still out.

While there’s no denying that Paul has brought more eyeballs to boxing, some of the fights that he has been involved in, and those of similar nature which have been inspired by his antics, have been farcical.

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As a result, many of boxing’s hardcore fans have not taken fondly to Paul, but there’s one man who believes that he is absolutely IS good for boxing, and his opinion carries some serious weight.

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Whether Canelo will ever agree to fight Paul is a completely different matter altogether, but credit where credit’s due, he recognises that there has been a fresh influx of young fans onto the scene. That’s an overwhelmingly positive thing.

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