Bruno Guimaraes reveals inspirational career story ahead of Carabao Cup final

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Newcastle United’s Bruno Guimaraes has revealed stories of his early career ahead of his side’s Carabao Cup final against Manchester United.

Brazilian midfielder Guimarares is set to line up for his side’s first final in 24 years and spoke to Players’ Tribune about his early years in youth football when he signed for Audax Sao Paulo in his native Brazil.

Right when I turned 15, I got the chance to move to Audax São Paulo. It was a huge opportunity, but I had to leave my family and live all on my own.

I will never forget, my parents drove me the five hours to Sao Paulo in my father’s yellow taxi. They left their only child in a strange city, with a bunch of kids he didn’t know, in a cramped dorm room with 18 bunk beds.”

Amid the toughness of having to move home as a child, Guimaraes has revealed a crazy story about a rodent in his dorm.

Until I die, I will never forget this one story. My parents got me a cheap cellphone when I left home, and I always used to hide it under my pillow when I left for training. When I’d come back, I’d fetch it under the pillow and see if anyone called. So one night I come back from training late and I put my hand under the pillow.

But instead of a plastic phone, I feel something furry. The gross kind of furry. Then I felt a tail.

If you could have heard the way I screamed.

This fat little rat is looking at me like, “Yo, what are you doing in my bed???

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Guimaraes hasn’t looked back since, going on to appear for Lyon in France before getting his big move to Newcastle in January 2022.

Coming face to face with a rat in your bed, you’d think Guimaraes has seen it all, but a first Wembley appearance for his club in almost 100 years? Nothing beats that.

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