🚨Leaked, Brodie Retallick said something completely disgusting to Peter O’Mahony when the final whistle went 🤬

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What a cracking game of rugby that was on Saturday night between both Ireland and New Zealand at a full house at the Stade de France in Paris. There is definitely bad blood between the two teams and after the game Brodie Retallick had a

MORE HERE: 🚨WhatsApp message leaked of what All Blacks captain Sam Cane really thought of Ireland & ‘sending them home’

Brodie Retallick got one back on Irish back row Peter O’Mahony, allegedly telling him: “Oi Peter, four more years you ****wit”.

O’Mahony had called All Blacks captain Sam Cane a ‘s**te version’ of Richie McCaw’ last year, so I guess he had that coming.

If you live by the sword, you die by it.

Anyway, fantastic to see that in the age of the PR managed rugby players, the real rugby players still exist beneath.

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        1. Rob your teams Overrated mate! They had a brief glimpse of brilliance but that came to a grinding holt on the weekend when they fumbled the bag. They will never get to these heights again…Something to think about for 4 Years #SextonSucks #Reiko4PM

          1. Gracious in victory eh? Respect, enjoyment, sportsmanship.

            Not condoning what O’mahoney said but grow a pair with your stupid hashtags

          2. Look at the faces of All Blacks replacements in those 30 odd phases & say Ireland hadn’t them on the ropes….Fair play to Blacks defence but don’t tell me Irish not up to it. Don’t think a 4 point defeat is much to brag about. All Blacks were at 100% we weren’t, just not our day & well done All Blacks. Ps All Blacks will win it out anyway 🇮🇪

          3. Irish fans knew that no 1 status was OTT. We had a great tournament falling to a NZ team back to its best. I guess you know little of Ireland. Not sure why lots of people are proud of Brodies remark. Two wrongs do not make a right. He is a foul mouth.

          4. When you unsportsmanlike fucks go home trophy less , we’ll be smiling.
            Whereas O’Mahony gave verbal to Cain last time , it was during the game. He never brings it after the final whistle, unlike your guys .

          5. Agitator,
            We are not rising to your comments.
            ☘️ would be making a much better job than theArgentinian’s are doing in tonight’s semis.

        2. No more special than what you Irish think judging by all the pity posts coming out of your country.
          Move on or see a shrink

          1. All I will say is thank God I live in a sophisticated County with a broader view of the world than you rugby obsessed new Zealanders who seem to just tell each other how great you are. Have a good life down there well away from the mature civilised world. Your nation is infantile understandably given its age and origins. The rejects of Europe.

        3. The AB’s are ‘the’ karma brother!

          You and your rugby tribe have been rehearsing Zombie for the game-end whistle of the final ever since you beat NZ last July. All you fackers did was just ‘poke the bear’ and ye all saw what he can do when he’s got it in just for you all.

          1. Nice analogy, ABs as an aggressive wild animal. You guys do yourselves no favours when it comes to banter. Even your name is a poor choice. Who likes a Bully out side of N Z

    1. Emotions controls the better part of us. It is nice to see those AB’s and coach embrace Irish players after their disappointment, and show the core values of sports, to make better people from participating.

  1. Sledging is nothing new in rugby or any sport.
    The all blacks are particularly bad losers&se to think that they have a divine right to win every game. They display a level of arrogance that no other country does. Compare kame/retallick with say kollisi of south africa-nó comparison!. They are unsportsmanlike and always have been. I’ll be cheering the other team in green this weekend & ultimately topple the all blacks. The exception to this of course is joe Schmidt who is a gentleman.

    1. Michael Costello, you should add Gibson-Park, Carbery, Lowe and Aki to your list of ‘acceptable NZers’. As for arrogance, the Irish management made no secret of their desire to play the All Blacks instead of France in the quarters – they got their wish! Have you forgotten O’Mahony calling Cane ‘a shit Richie McCaw’?

      1. There’s a huge difference between comments made during the game. The comments O’Mahony made was during a scuffle when lots of comments are made. That’s a whole lot different to what was said after the final whistle, no place for that from anyone doesn’t show those lads in a very good light and a very poor advertisement for the all blacks.

        1. There was a time when Ireland were playing the All Blacks. Ireland went over to swap jerseys, all blacks refused saying the Irish were not good enough to wear their jerseys as all blacks had to work too hard to hand them over to the Irish.
          Pretty poor sportsmanship.

      2. That is a really nasty comment. You cannot be accused of being humble. If we can be anything, we should be kind.

      3. I think that was after he called him names.
        All teams have banter as one doesn’t go into a game with a view to losing

    2. It’s clear that the All Blacks strive for excellence and face immense pressure due to high expectations. They set a benchmark for themselves and are held to a very high standard by their fans and the public, which comes with its own challenges. Some might interpret this dedication and pursuit of success as arrogance, but it’s essential to acknowledge the hard work and drive that fuel their performance. Every team aspires to be the best, and the All Blacks are no exception. Enjoy cheering for the team you support this weekend!

    3. Hardly arrogance mate…if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. I think you mistaken arrogance for confidence. If you actually knew the culture within the AB’s environment, I think you’d find your assumption is way off. There’s a reason they’re the most successful international sporting team I’m history.

      1. God that’s so stupid, rugby is a parochial sport compared to soccer. Jesus Brazil have one more world cups in a sport that is truly global compared to NZ where realistically only about 5-6 teams are competitive for a world title.

        1. You realise only 8 teams have ever won the soccer world cup despite running for much longer. That hardly suggests it is more competitive.

    4. Them grapes seem a little sour little man .
      Have a pint and reflect on just how good your team was.
      Beaten on the day but will fight again, that’s sport.
      As an ABs fan we can appreciate the great footy they played.

    5. Utter crap O’Mahoney made comments against Cane and received some better back that hurt. If you give you need to expect it back. Pity you can’t see it. Didn’t see you writing in about O’Mahoney’s comments but hey after the crap you have written here I can understand why. Never mind your team was sent home, once again, to think again and next time they will keep their sad comments to themselves. If they can’t take it don’t dish it out. next time don’t litter these pages with your sad crap.

    6. 3WCs & the Greatest rugby nation of all time, arrogance no I’d say a shite load of confidence

    7. The All Blacks may be bad losers – perhaps it is the lack of experience of losing. Others with more experience may be able to better relate to, and, are prepared for losing. While the match (AB’s v Ireland) last weekend may have been close – the ref certainly did the AB’s no favours. Illegal turn over leading to penalty leading to lineout penalty try and yellow card. Also the last 37 phases (as impressive as it was for the Irish to ‘hold’ the ball for that long) – in itself was extended by the Irish doing exactly that (holding on in a ruck) when legally they should have released it. Oh well nothing like a bit of disrespect I suppose. Kia Kaha

    8. Your off ya head mate, out of all the international rugby teams going, have a look at all the footage of AB’s wrapping their arms around there opponent’s to console them. Look at the respect they show when a national team has lost a legend of there sport, not just Rugby either. You don’t see any other teams do that sort of thing . Oh and of course half the Irish team iis from NZ, if you didn’t have them of Schmidt getting the ball rolling you would still be fighting it out in the 5/6 nations in the bottom tiers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHY7zvBDaCU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQL42eV5NWI

      1. You love to exaggerate. (half the team). Sign up of inferiority complex. ABs are not satisfied with being an excellent team. Why the need to be best in the world all the time. AB supporters need to broaden their lives. Too insular. Miles away from anywhere.

          1. You mean the ABs are jealous? Probably not. If you mean Irish people are jealous of your nice climate, correct. Nothing much else to be jealous of. Rugby is a minority interest here. We have Gaelic sports. I bet some few new Zealand person play them.

        1. Congrats to the All Blacks for a job well done
          Tjhank you Ireland for trying your best but it wasn’t good enough to get you through hopefully you will do better next 4 years but don’t cry over spilled milk

    9. Michael, NZ fans are effwits but the AB’s most certainly are not. Their very success over such a long period is because of their ‘culture’ reset post the 07′ WC. To be clear, NO AB would ever pull that BS O’Mahoney pulled to Sam Cane OR the abuse Sexton gives to referees. Thats private school ‘entitlement’ right there in that behaviour. The game can do without that crap.

    1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😛😜🤪😝😛😜🤪😝😛😜🤪😝🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    2. What Kiwis can do is offer services to your backline to make Johnnie Sexton look good and score against their fellow countrymen. Just couldn’t get your other players to follow. Have another Cuppa…take 3 times a day as recommended, good for your well being…sip it don’t slurp it🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. Seems like they have flown all over the world to share coaches and players with most of the other nations…. Ireland wouldnt have had the season they have had without their previous coach and their kiwi players. We have gladly shared for the good of the game.

      1. True, and we have the good sense to use the expertise and pay them well for providing it. NZ would not be as good at rugby if it was not isolated from the world and had little else to promote the with. Without rugby, NZ would not be widely known.

      2. Very true, the world appreciates NZ expertise. Why not? NZ appreciates European music, literature, etc. I expect. Any idea why NZ focused on rugby rather than football? Seriously, a real question

    1. Sorry that is slang that I don’t understand. The Irish are many things. Please explain and why you think so.

  2. Harden up, don’t be a cry baby milky bar kid, all well earned comments shit happens,,,,

    People are sounding like sooky babies ; as in the words of the great AB captainTana Umaga,,,” it’s not tiddly winks mate”

  3. Usual comments about karma. Do people know how karma works before they call tit-for-tat comments “karma”? Karma would also be – for example – New Zealand’s winning the game because of their training, application and hard work on character-building.

  4. I agree with the sentiment that the AB’s think it is their divine right to win every game. That attitude also rubbed of on Ireland and that is why Ireland is hurting so much. Bunch of sore losers both AB’s and Irish.

    1. Just like it’s your devine right to spell your name different ah Wayne….lol Every Team has their damn right to beleive they can win, just like Ireland and the rest of the nations.

      1. Believe they can is a must BUT believe you will always win is arrogant. Ireland is not used to a long string of wins in any sport. We understand loosing as long as it is fair. It was so in the quarter final. Be strong but be nice too.

  5. Arrogant, please the “coach” what ever his name is couldn’t even congratulate the All Blacks at the post match interview, how Arrogant is that get over it they lost move on

  6. You don’t have to like losing, no one does. Handle it and move on. If Mahoney can dish it out , he has to be able to take it as well. 4 more years to get over it. Or not, pretty sure Sam Cane is over it. Lol

  7. No better man than Peter to take it and give it, it’s who he is and why he’s an outstanding rugby player
    Shit happens and it’ll hurt for long time but the AB’s haven’t finished yet so wait until it’s all over then blow your trumpets,as for the kiwis we have on our team,they made a choice to play for Ireland and we welcomed and embraced that choice,they give 100% every time,they don’t have that colonial arrogance that was bred into most of comments,who cares !!
    Looking forward to karma kicking the AB’s

    1. The Kiwis that play for Ireland is because their country didn’t want them and they chose Ireland and they were embraced by the Irish.Irish fans are looked on as some of the best fans in the world. I always loved New Zealand and the people but some of the outrageous comments are appalling. Ireland wanted to win as others do, what’s wrong about that…

      1. Sorry but some of comments made by Irish fans leading into that match was also appalling, so seriously if the Irish fans can dish it out,you know the recuperations if you lost, So don’t throw stones at glass houses as the old saying goes

  8. ‘Sledging’ is a part of all sport and it enhances the height of competition between opposing teams.

    Best reply ‘sledge’ ever ?

    Australian fast bowler Glen McGrath ~ to Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) batsman Eddo Brandes.

    “Why are you so fvckin’ fat, mate ?”

    Brandes’ reply ….

    “Because every time I fvck your wife, she gives me a biscuit !”

  9. Just hoping SA come out on top. Ireland beat SA. Can ABs do the same? Regarding P OM, he roughed up quite a few ABs in the past. He made real impact. I doubt if he is bothered by what guys say.

    1. I agree, Rieko and Sexton had a moment, Retallick and Mahoney had a moment, then both teams showed the respect they both deserved, as they left it all on the field. The media is the only ones creating the click bait, and successfully I might add.

    2. Of course you hope SA beat us because you are livid that the ABs put a stop to Ireland. Dang NZers didn’t keep crying when Ireland stopped the ABs at 18 straight. We stopped Ireland who were looking to go equal with NZ for most consecutive wins, but like hell the ABs were having that. Go to bed.

  10. All blacks are going to win anyway,like Argentina won World Cup plenty of favorable decisions
    Golden Boys of world rugby

  11. Emotional response is normal human behaviour at that moment of victory or loss. In this case, the AB’s players would of said in their minds or out loud how what comes to mind spontaneously, especially after defending their frontline with the brave Irish attacking and after 37 phases of grind dig deep in the All Blackness solid defence to steal a penalty.
    AB’s first words of how they felt left on the field next to the Ireland players scattered on the ground face in their hands just quiet hearing their opponents roar of Victory. The Ireland players will remember the words of their Roar. No different to the AB’s players remembering when Ireland players Roared beating the AB’s @ home in a test series. Cheers to Ireland 🇮🇪 Best supporters and proud nation backing their Team. Just like me backing the AB’s. Keep roaring people Cheers 🍻

  12. I think a lot of people under estimated The All Blacks. I don’t know why but they did .No team can win all the time and when they had a few losses the boot went it .”Lost their mojo” etc. They were always going to correct the stats .The thing is they still by their own standards have not had the 100% game .When they do that will be a sight to see .Been the world cup there are no guarantees though .You can’t take any team lightly .Who ever lifts the cup is there because they earnt it.

  13. They both spoke the truth to be fair. Peter will have to wait 4 more years and Retallick is a shite Richie McCaw. Don’t see the issue here.

    1. Retallick wasn’t called a shite Richie McCaw, if you are going to make smart ass comments at least get your facts straight.

  14. Ah just get over it lads. We lost, they won after a savage game of rugby. We will get there eventually. I have never been so proud of an Irish sports team. Real men, real game, no hiding place out there. I just love it.

  15. Hopefully Aaron Smith rues that box kick with just over three minutes to go, the ABs were better to be attacking in Ireland’s half with ball in hand for those minutes rather than defending and hoping for an Irish mistake.

  16. All blacks showed their true colours ssome years back when trying to break Brian o Driscoll’s neck. Totally in love with themselves. I hope South Africa wipe the floor with them

  17. Players talking shit to each other during and after the game. Itʻs over they hug each other and congratulate each other. We the fans make things worse. Enjoy the rugby and stop bitching obout nothing. Enjoy the semifinals

  18. This just never happened, even the text, wasn’t even on WhatApp, nothing about this has any truth or facts. Don’t get sucked in by the author of this chat group.

  19. It was a fantastic match which Ireland could have won, only for a try denying save by Scott Barrett. As for what Peter O’Mahony said about Sam Cane…. Its it the sport and plenty of sledging has been done by all teams over the years, reading many of the autobiographies will tell you that. As for Kiwis playing for Ireland, I’ve left a post below about who was the First Captain of the ALL Blacks, amazingly it was an IRISHMAN ……. Finally your right people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, so I’ll ask how many pacific islander are in the New Zealand and Australian teams………. Every team bar Argentina has players in their team from other countries

    David Gallaher (30 October 1873 – 4 October 1917) was an Irish-born (Place of birth
    Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland) New Zealand rugby union footballer best remembered as the captain of the “Original All Blacks”—the 1905–06 New Zealand national team, the first representative New Zealand side to tour the British Isles. Under Gallaher’s leadership the Originals won 34 out of 35 matches over the course of tour, including legs in France and North America; the New Zealanders scored 976 points and conceded only 59. Before returning home he co-wrote the classic rugby text The Complete Rugby Footballer with his vice-captain Billy Stead. Gallaher retired as a player after the 1905–06 tour and took up coaching and selecting; he was a selector for both Auckland and New Zealand for most of the following decade.

  20. Congrats to the All Blacks for a job well done
    Tjhank you Ireland for trying your best but it wasn’t good enough to get you through hopefully you will do better next 4 years but don’t cry over spilled milk

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