Brock Lesnar Receives Bizarre Punishment For His Illegal Elbows On Randy Orton

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If you missed it earlier this week, controversy surrounded Brock Lesnar’s return to the WWE at SummerSlam, when his fight against Randy Orton was called off early due to a technical knock out.

 It was unclear at the time whether it was a staged outcome or if Lesnar went off script, however the elbows that Lesnar dished up to Randy Orton looked more real than anything we’ve seen in the WWE.

In an official statement on, it was confirmed that Lesnar had received a $500 fine for his actions, handed down by Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, (also daughter of WWE owner, Vince McMahon).

A $500 fine for the headline act in one of the biggest WWE pay per view cards of the year hardly seems to be an adequate punishment if he did truly go off script.

So was it a hoax all along and the WWE are simply keeping the story line going with a silly adjudication? Or is this the WWE’s way of trying to cover up a malicious act and make it look like it was part of the script all along?