Brock Lesnar and Modern Family’s Cam’s friendship revealed

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Brock Lesnar is unquestionably the toughest and most feared WWE wrestler in recent history, given his exploits inside the squared circle at pro and amateur level and his reign as UFC World Heavyweight Champion inside the Octagon. So who’d have guessed he’d be friends with Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame?

A TikTok has shown the odd couple engaging in a recurring skit, where Stonestreet is angry or mad and says he’ll hit the first person he sees, only for Lesnar to be that very person, appearing behind him like the grim reaper.

Take a look at the clip below (shared on Twitter by @TheEnemiesPE3)

It’s hard to think of a more random friendship both in WWE and in general pop culture. Who knows where the two met? Is Brock a fan of Modern Family? Is Stonestreet a fan of WWE or UFC? There’s so many questions.

While off-screen, Brock might be surprisingly affable, on-screen, he is currently engaged in a vicious feud with Cody Rhodes, which has seen him revert back to the monster heel he has portrayed for large parts of his WWE career.

The two will meet at Night of Champions on May 27th in Saudi Arabia. Will Stonestreet be in attendance?

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