Death-wishing imbeciles storm onto Silverstone track at British Grand Prix

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Climate protestors stormed onto the track at Silverstone in their attempts to disrupt the British Grand Prix.

Local police launched an appeal ahead of the race, revealing that they had received intelligence that protestors were planning to enter the track and send a message to the world at the British GP.

The police implored those who had these frightening intentions to rethink and reminded them that it would not only be their own lives that they would be putting at risk.

Formula One cars can drive at over 300 kmh. A collision at that speed would not only instantly kill the protestors but would also seriously endanger the well-being of the drivers.

Unfortunately, these absolute imbeciles paid no attention to the warnings and still decided to get onto the race track during the first lap of the race, before being tackled by authorities.

As much as we would never be thankful that a crash has happened on an F1 track, it’s seriously fortunate that it did and the race was red-flagged, otherwise, something fatal could have occurred.

Zhou Guanyu took one for the team on that front. With no lasting damage having been done to the Chinese racing driver, he will probably be thankful that it happened and nobody was killed…