🚨 British boxing legend offers to fight Jake Paul and Anderson Silva on the same night

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Former super-middleweight world champion Carl Froch has taken aim at Jake Paul once again.

Froch and the YouTuber come boxer have had a long running feud.

Paul has been trying to forge a professional boxing career but safe to say ‘The Cobra’ hasn’t been impressed with his performances.

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Speaking to Lucky Block, Froch said:

“Jake Paul’s bottled it, KSI, well KSI never really had a go, but Jake Paul is really disappointing.”

“Because Jake Paul actually called me out. And then people say, ‘oh, Froch is calling out Jake Paul. He’s run out of money.’ It’s like, no, do you not know Froch? He’s a clever guy. He’s got good investments. He’s in a good position financially.

“You mentioned Carl Froch’s name. I said, ‘go on then. You want to talk to me? Let’s talk.’ And then he said, ‘oh, fight Anderson Silva to prove yourself. Then fight me.’

“I’m like, mate, I’m 47 years old. I don’t need to fight somebody. Listen, I got back to Jake Paul. I said, ‘okay, I’ll fight Anderson Silva. But I’ll fight Anderson Silva and I’ll fight you on the same night. I’ll fight both of you.’

“Because Anderson Silva, he’s a legend in the mixed martial arts game and, I wouldn’t like to fight him, but if I had to, I would do it, and I’d make easy work of it, because he’s not a professional boxer.

“And then I’d go in there after beating him and just, absolutely obliterate Jake Paul. He’s just talking s**** and looking awful in his fights.”

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