Brian O’Driscoll on the Tommy Tiernan Show was Top Notch

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The former Irish, Leinster and Lions centre was on the Tommy Tiernan Show last night discussing everything about life after rugby and including the joy of parenthood. The Irish captain was truly a legend of the game and achieved so much and brought Ireland on to another level and is one of the best sportsmen Ireland had ever produced. See the best of it below;

The big question really is when is Tommy Tiernan going to get the big gig The Late Late Show and does he even what it. There’s no doubt his the best presenter in Ireland and it makes sense to replace Mr. Tubridy on the Friday night slot.

I think it would be nice to watch a bit of light entertainment on a Friday night rather than depression central on The Late Late Show and that’s exactly what Tommy Tiernan the former Father Ted star provides.

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