Brian Fenton on Stephen Cluxton Returning to the Dublin set up…

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The eight time All-Ireland winner with Dublin Brian Fenton was talking to the media during the week and saw asked about Stephen Cluxton and a possible return to the Dublin set up.

“I don’t know, wouldn’t it be great to have him back but the fella is almost 40 now. I’m slagging him saying he’ll be playing Masters next year,” said Fenton.

“I reached out to him for pints and stuff and he’s still there, still alive and still a friend but I don’t know [if he’ll be back with Dublin] is the truth.

“We chat all the time, well no more so than any mates. I’m sure I’ll see him at a Damien Dempsey gig over Christmas, please God if they go ahead.

“But to be fair looking back, would you fault Evan Comerford? I don’t know if you would and he is the most professional athlete you’ll come across. As good as the keepers were in the All-Ireland series, I’d say Evan Comerford will have numerous All-Stars going forward. He certainly helps me to field when he’s kicking it out.”

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