🚨 Brendan Rodgers slammed for comments he made to a female reporter

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Despite Celtic’s win over Motherwell Brendan Rodgers didn’t seem too happy.

In a interview with BBC Radio Scotland’s Jane Lewis, Rodgers seemed annoyed at the line of questioning.

“There’s a story being written about this group, but we’ll write our own story,” he said.

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He was asked to expand on his comments but shot down the reporter immediately.

“No,” he repeated over and over, before saying: “You know exactly what I mean.”

“I’m actually not sure exactly what you mean,” the reporter replied. “Can you tell us? People might be interested to know. You’re the one that’s bringing it up so…”

At this point the Celtic boss is heard giving the microphone back and walking away.

But it’s what he said as he stormed off that has caused outrage.

“Okay, are we done?” he says. “Well done, good girl, cheers.”

You can listen to the clip below:

Social media users responded to the clip.

One said: ‘This is shocking sexist and extremely patronising language! He patronises a ‘girl’ who has far more academic qualifications than him! What an arrogant wee man!’

Another added: ‘He’s rattled by a journalist.’

A third commented: ‘Nothing quite like a bit of casual sexism to ease the pressure.’

Let us know your thoughts on his comments.

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  1. All he had to do was explain his comment. But she pushed for an answer, which is her job. Then he had to belittle her. Patronising at best.

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