Boxer Smacks Cigarette Out of the Mouth of Opponent

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By Niall Doran of
It isn’t often you’d see someone brave enough to walk up to the face of a former multi-weight world champion boxer, and blow cigarette smoke in his face.
Nicaragua’s Ricardo Mayorga had no problem in doing so this weekend however, when he confronted “Sugar” Shane Mosley in an outrageous fashion – almost resulting in a proper street fight there and then.
The two collide in the ring later this month in Inglewood, California, but it looked like fisticuffs were about to start flying before the pair were separated yesterday.
Mayorga received a slap of his cigarette out of his mouth for his troubles, from a clearly enraged Mosley, who in turn received a shove from Mayorga in retaliation.
It’s rare you’d see things get this far between two pro boxers, where it looked like for a second all hell was going to break loose.
Enjoy this short video from the Mayweather YouTube Boxing Channel, that captured the chaos on camera:

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