🚨Springboks hooker Bongi Mbonambi coming under heavy fire for his ‘rude’ exchange with match official Aimee Barrett-Theron .. 😬

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The South African hooker Bongi Mbonambi is coming under a bit of fire for his exchange with match day official Aimee Barrett-Theron. We thought it was fine, but others aren’t happy with the comments and the exchange below between referee and player. 

Bongi fugged up with Ref Aimee. He was wrong. Simple. On the same weekend he got some other attention as well. He may get a earful this week. I can’t wait for 17 November.

Well done to both. Bongi was out of line, she told him as much “in private” and he responded with more respect. Good result… But nooooooooo, let’s make this into colossal issue because it’s Bongi…

I’ve seen AWJ get more vocal with a ref than this. Owen Farrell even yelled at a ref. None of that ever got so much mileage on social media. Look at all these trolls coming out for Bongi when he was just being a captain. He is the captain. IT’S HIS JOB TO TALK TO THE REF!


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