Bobby Lashley outlining why the Hurt Business was special is fascinating

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The Hurt Business was one of WWE’s best creations in recent memory and a faction that had a huge impact inside and outside of the ring, as detailed by its leader Bobby Lashley.

The group ran for roughly 18 months from May 2020 to January 2022 and consisted of Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, MVP as well as the “All Mighty”.

The group enjoyed great success with Lashley becoming a dominant WWE champion, as well as US champion, and Benjamin and Alexander capturing tag title gold. MVP’s role as the mouthpiece and strategist of the group was also played to perfection.

On an episode of WWE’s “Table for 3”, Lashley outlined why the group worked so well and why it was so important. In short, he saw it as presenting black athletes in WWE as serious and successful, away from the stereotypical and frankly racist portrayals in the past, such as thugs or dancers.

Take a look at the clip below for more (shared on Twitter by @WrestleClips)

Lashley stating the impact the group had on people, especially younger black men including his son, is fascinating and shows the positives that can come from professional wrestling.

As for the storyline impact, the caption on the tweet says it all. The Hurt Business really carried the load for Raw during the pandemic before foolishly being broken up by the powers that be.

A reunion has been teased and WWE would be wise to revisit the group in the coming months.


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