Video: Biarritz score insane and hilarious try in the final play of the game to win

The ProD2 in France yesterday had one of the nuttiest finishes you’ll see all season with Colomiers having an absolute meltdown after the 80′ siren.

Colomiers in blue can be seen defending at the beginning of the video and the next time the ball goes dead they win with the score at 16-15.

Biarritz then cross field kick the ball to the right wing before bouncing the ball around like a hot potato.

The ball then lands its’ way into a Colomiers player’s hands and this is where things get messy with the home side dropping the ball twice in one play leading to Biarritz centre Willie du Plessis jumping on the loose ball and securing a 16-20 victory.

Absolute madness. It’s never over until the ref blows his whistle and TMO had a look at the try before awarding it leading to absolutely amazing celebrations from the Biarritz players.

Pictures courtesy of the ProD2.

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