🚨Bernard Foley sums up Australia’s World Cup in seven simple words 😬

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The Australian out-half Bernard Foley shared his thoughts online when the Wallabies suffered a shocking loss against Wales on Sunday night. It’s a loss that effectively knocks them out of the Rugby World Cup for the first time ever in the pool stages.

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Bring in Graham Rowntree from munster as the new head coach.

Saw aus in aviva last Nov…thought they were excellent and come WC23 would be a difficult challenge….we have had our fair share of losses and tough times tru the yrs.. with right admin and coaching they’ll come again!!

Dave Rennie would have made semis with hooper as captain…

Very true….. Wallabies are way better than this world cup performance. As the wise folk say… Do the same thing the same way and expect different results is madness, and Rock bottoms create more champions than anything else. This is OUR rock bottom in rugby and time for a clean out

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  1. Unfortunately World Cups are not the place you should be experimenting with a mass of upcoming players. That’s what the previous 4 years are for. But Eddie been Eddie, thought it could change under his leadership and good on him for taking that risk. But even results leading up to the World Cup were not in his favour. He (not ARU) has a lot of rebuilding of the team spirit and moral as the players just did as they were asked. Of course to play at the big dance, you would’ve thought all your dreams would’ve come all at once but the reality…
    All the best Eddie…

  2. Rassie was rebuilding in 2019 , forget that they won , the point is he did it by taking a few virtual has-been old timers to balance out the youngsters with steady heads. Eddie’s ego nd personal opinions on individuals wouldn’t allow him that flexibility.

  3. Hooper was injured.
    Cooper is the only but has not set any team alight.
    Who else dud Eddie have to take.
    Don’t talk about Dave Rennie he was going to be sacked regardless.
    I remember when Aussie were easy beats.
    You top brass have not made the rugby structure conducive to building a team.
    Hiw long dud the Israel Fokau ussye go on for ND Rugbg Aystralia shot utself in bith feet and instead of apologising and reinstating the brilliant kid they turned theur backs.
    They were wrong then and they are going down tge same head jn a hole path.
    As for 4 years to ready the team, did it happen in time for the world comp?
    I put it to you that defections were nit Eddie’s fault.
    RUGBY AUSTRALIA stand up and take the hi

  4. It wasnt eddies fault .
    just like it wasnt dave rennies fault
    Or even Robbie deans
    Australia Rugby put these guys in the frontline.Then dictate to the coaches who they want to play and where .
    Get rid of THOSE guys.

  5. What a croc of shite! Eddie wasn’t on the field. He didn’t make the dumb decisions, drop the balls, buckle under pressure, get wasted in the front row, throw a crap pass inside when the guy outside was in the open, drop a schoolboys catch, stuff up a line out throw and you useless oxygen thieves that couldn’t coach a 10 year olds team come out roasting him! Give me a break. Dave Rennie did the same, coached well, but the player’s are just not up to the task. I’m from NZ, so no loyalty to Eddie, but it makes me sick you armchair critics that know nothing and talk like you are the answer to the worlds rugby problems. Gutless wan kers! Shame on you! Shut the $ark up or apply for the job. No? Why because you could not do a tenth of one of those coaches do. Cockroaches! Filth scum! Morons! Hold your head up Eddie, typical. Even you players are quiet, letting you take the blame, gutless!!!

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