(Video) Co-commentator Jim Beglin calls Man City’s stadium “the Emptyhad” live on air

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Football pundit Jim Beglin referred to Manchester City’s stadium as the ‘Emptyhad’ during their clash with Chelsea this afternoon.

Despite Man City being the champions of England, they struggle to fill their 60,000 seater stadium on a weekly basis.

Their cash-rich owners may well have seen the size of the club exponentially rise since the takeover, but their fanbase remains insufficient to pack out the ground.

As you’d expect, that has resulted in rival fans taking cheeky digs at the club at every possible opportunity – but we don’t usually hear it from a co-commentator.

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Jim Beglin, whether it be a slip of the tongue or an intentional dig at the Manchester club, DID refer to it as the ‘Emptyhad’ during the coverage of the game on Saturday afternoon.

We really hope he’s done this on purpose, because while it’s harsh and doesn’t quite align with the unbiased expectations of football punditry, it’s absolutely brilliant…

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