Bad Bunny’s entrance at WWE Backlash was amazing

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Bad Bunny has received widespread praise for his work in WWE and Saturday night at Backlash was no different, as he wowed fans with both his in-ring talent and his brilliant entrance.

With Backlash taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, it was only right that the 29-year-old rap sensation was involved and it was even more special that he faced off with his fellow countryman and real-life friend, Damian Priest, in the most anticipated bout of the night.

In his previous WWE appearances, the rap sensation has used his “Booker T” song as his theme music (if you needed more proof that he is a huge fan), but he decided to change things up for the aptly-named “San Juan Street Fight”, tweeting out that a new theme would be debuted for the big night.

He again used one of his many hits, this time it being “Chambea” which he released in 2017. The San Juan crowd singing along to it made it all the more special and added to the obvious star power that Bunny exudes.

Take a look below at his epic entrance (shared on Twitter by @PhilMyChambers)


Bunny eventually picked up the win with help from fellow Puerto Ricans and WWE icons Savio Vega and Carlito, both of whom received similarly massive receptions. Rey Mysterio was also involved as his Latino World Order faction took in three more honorary members.

Being the most streamed artist on Spotify (which of course was mentioned in his intro), Bunny obviously doesn’t need WWE but he performs as if he is a full-time roster member, similar to Logan Paul, which is a credit to himself and a major boost to WWE’s mainstream popularity.

Could Bunny and Paul one day face off in what would no doubt be the best celebrity match of all time?

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