Arsenal star fights off ARMED robbers who raided house in attempt to steal Mercedes and more

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Arsenal defender Gabriel reportedly went toe-to-toe with masked robbers who were attempting to steal some of his most valuable possessions.

Unfortunately, cases of criminals raiding football’s homes have gone through the roof. There has recently been a flurry of break-ins during games while the players themselves are absent, but Arsenal’s Gabriel was unfortunately present when two masked robbers came to his house.

As is reported by the Daily Mail, one of the bat-wielding villains threatened Gabriel and demanded that he hand over his watch, mobile phone and Mercedes. Gabriel began to do so before smacking the robber in the face, wrestling him to the floor before he and his accomplice sprinted away.

Gabriel was confronted by two robbers after parking his Mercedes at home

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The report notes that, with one of the men’s hats falling off during the scuffle, the police were successful in identifying him via DNA. He was sentenced to five years for one count of robbery and one of possession of an offensive weapon, but his co-robber has not yet been identified.

It took an extraordinary act of bravery from Gabriel to prevent his possessions from being stolen. To go toe-to-toe with an armed robber takes a huge amount of courage, with this serving as further evidence that you should NEVER mess with someone from São Paulo, Brazil…

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