Arsenal fans left FURIOUS after club charge disgraceful fee for burger and chips

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Arsenal fans have been left furious after being charged a whopping £18.05 for a burger and chips at the Emirates, reports The Sun.

The ‘football is for the fans’ slogan that clubs across the land have been so keen to be associated with has been debunked some time ago. Football is for the rich, that’s just the reality.

One club who are as guilty as any other in world football are Arsenal, who charge their supporters some of the highest season ticket prices in the game – for what? Sub-par performances, at least in recent years.

Unfortunately for the Gunners faithful, the expenditure doesn’t stop there. As is reported by The Sun, fans have been left FURIOUS after the club charged them £18.05 for a simple burger and chips.

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That is WAY above the market value, and while, to an extent, you can expect to be charged above the odds at a football stadium, charging more than double the price you’d pay elsewhere is unforgivable.

Mentioned in the report is one fan joking, “for £18.05 I want to be eating that in the dressing room, listening to the halftime team-talk before heading up to my heated seat in the directors box.”

Yet, there’s no dressing room visit, no heated seat and no rubbing shoulders with the directors. Instead, you’ve got a burger,  bun and some fries. What a world we live in!