Arnold Schwarzenegger calls in Conor McGregor to defend Cecil the lion

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up with an interesting suggestion for big game hunters who think shooting wild animals is a badge of honour – why not take on someone your own species.

There has been a worldwide at the news that in Zimbabwe, a famous, protected lion known as Cecil was shot with a crossbow for sport.

The dentist who shot the lion after paying for a hunt to be arranged, Walter Palmer, has gone into hiding amid protests at his US clinic.

Schwarzenegger is a fervent supporter of the National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative and took to social media to make a proposal to other would-be hunters.

If you think shooting the predator on the right makes you brave; Arnie suggests getting in the Octagon with the one on the left.

The signs are the UFC star fully agrees with him, having retweeted the suggestion and other comments by the actor on the controversy.

It’s no surprise, McGregor has spoken before of his interest in, and respect for, wild animals.

“I’m obsessed with animals,” he .

“To watch animals and how they hunt and prey in their natural environment is pretty spectacular.”

So be warned hunting fans, if you’re going to go after big cats, you can expect to deal with their equally big friends.


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