Armagh Player at the Centre of Disgraceful Incident is Said to be ‘Deeply Regretful’

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The All-Ireland winner Oisin McConville and former Armagh forward was speaking on the Second Captains podcast and quoted by the Hogan Stand has said that the player in question with the eye gouging incident is said to be deeply regretful for his actions;

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“We’ve all made mistakes. It’s the heat of the moment, it’s a mistake. He needs to learn his lesson and I don’t know what the best way for us to do that is, but certainly he needs to be banned. There’s no point saying anything different.

“I’d still worry for him as a young lad, I know what’s happened since you know he’s done everything that’s expected of him. He’s made contact with Galway. He’s absolutely devastated and all them things but again I’m not excusing it, there’s absolutely no excusing it.

“I think his reaction is the right reaction rather than burying his head in the sand so he deserves some sort of credit for that, but what he done unfortunately whether it be heat of the moment or not like you said it’s indefensible.”

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