Calls for Armagh to be Thrown Out of the Championship for the Foreseeable Future

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We were treated to a cracking game of football yesterday at Croke Park and the first good Championship game this year between two quality sides, Armagh and Galway. At full-time there was a disgraceful incident where one of the Armagh players eye gouged Galway’s Damien Comer. As you can imagine this has caused a massive backlash and a lot of people on social media are calling for Armagh to be thrown out of the Championship believe it or not.

Bit harsh no, especially when both sides were going at it. Although the eye gouge from Armagh’s Tiernan Kelly was nothing short of a disgrace. And Armagh do have a history of being in bust ups before…

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It’s going to make for two cracking semi-finals between Dublin and Kerry and Galway v Derry.

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  1. Publishing horse shite from Twitter is not news. I’m from Tyrone and while these scenes are totally wreckless and unsettling, to say the whole team should be banned for next season is just foolish nonsense. Keep the ould click bait to a minimum if you want people to take you seriously

  2. Click bait is more likely to come from apologists for thuggery and advocates of the show going on at any cost. The greatest nonsense is the suggestion that the most notorious incident of the day should be dealt with by fine or suspension and no more. The matter should be dealt with in a court of law. There would be no dissent from that proposition if the perpetrator were a nobody. One law for some!

  3. At the end of the day, it was only handbags tussling between two dedicated teams, who contested the best football match all year. If gaa want to stop this type of thing, then let teams go to the dressing rooms separately.

  4. The people at top of GAA are also to be held accountable. They have given foul tactics tacit permission for years. The referees are accountable. 4 players are in front of him as he prepares to throw in the ball to start the GAA game, 2 players are already wrestling, a foul is being committed right in front of the eyes of the referee before the ball is even thrown in. This has been the way most games start,… starts with a Physical Foul in front of the Referee.
    An absolute disgrace.
    At least one of the 2 wrestlers should get a Yellow card on the spot. The ref should then attempt another throw in to start the game. If a player wrestles again, a second Yellow card followed by a Red card and a Sending Off should follow.
    But NO! the Referee doesn’t follow the clear rules and the GAA top officials do nothing about it either . So the game is conceived with a brawl and allowed to continue, and behaviour known as “playing on the edge” and “winning a free” are accepted and praised.
    No wonder its in tatters. Its a disgrace. The players who obviously positively engage in horrible behaviour should get seriously long suspensions. Those players who obviously have to Defend themselves should not, and those who try to Stop the melee should be praised.

  5. Throw the lot of those nordies out off gaa football. Had a bit of trouble on Sat on hill 16 with derry boys not for the first time with these so called supporters remember the battle of omagh a few years back. Scumbags the lot of them. By the way we gave them a few slaps on Sat.

  6. Would agree here it was handbag stuff really except for the eye gouging and it would be a shame to ban the whole team and Galway are no angels on this malee sure have a look at who started it and have a look at what happened the goal keeper earlier in the game and I think you will figure out who started it I think teams should go into the dressing room on opposite sides of the pitch but players seen to do wrong in the videos should get realistic bans

  7. I am surprised the site accepted the use of a derogatory term for Armagh people in one comment. That is not fair.
    My hope is that the whole affair is looked at and dealt with by the appropriate authorities in an appropriate manner – and that action will be without fear or favour

  8. The eye gouge incident absolutely a disgrace. Tiernan Kelly should be banned from playing for 5 years. There is no place in sport for this disgusting behaviour. That moment of maddness very nearly cost Galways Damien Comer to loose one of his eyes. Lets see what the GAA are going to impose.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong but was it not a Galway player that stuck his two fingers into both eyes of another player some time ago? Tho it wasn’t really talked about much. I’m not agreeing with that behaviour but it was no worse an Armagh man doing it than a Galway man. Or can someone explain the difference please

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