Anton Ferdinand Calls John Terry a Hypocrite for Going into Management

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QPR vs Chelsea back in 2011 John Terry Chelsea captain vs Anton Ferdinand and there was an alleged racist incident between the two. Ferdinand has give his thoughts about Terry going down the coaching route.

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“I can only do what I can do and keep doing what I’m doing. Do I think it’s stupid? Absolutely,” Ferdinand said to Ladbrokes, cited by the Daily Star.

“Especially when you look at the route he [Terry] wants to go down now in management. I felt like a hypocrite for so many years because I never dealt with my incident.

“Believe me, whenever there was something racial or to do with discrimination in football for all those years, my phone number was the first one people would call.

“All the news outlets would want five minutes with me but I never did it, because I’d have felt like a hypocrite.

“I just kept thinking that people would say ‘how’s he going to talk about someone else’s incident without addressing his own?’

“And that’s going to be the issue that John Terry will have as and when he becomes a manager.

“The fact that I’ve asked him to be on my documentary and he hasn’t tried yet to come together and make a positive change; if the time comes when he is a manager and one of his players racially abuses somebody or gets racially abused, what is he going to do?

“What is he going to say? People will say ‘hang on a minute, Anton Ferdinand asked you to be in his documentary but you didn’t want to, and now you’re flying high and mighty on something to do with racism. How does that work?’”

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