Anna Geary Took A Hammering for her ‘Lack of Manners’ on The Sunday Game

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The former Cork Camogie player and Ireland’s fittest family star Anna Geary came in for heavy criticism from some viewers watching The Sunday Game. Viewers were particularly angry at the former Miss Rose of Tralee contestant for interrupting Joe Canning when he was talking on the panel.

To be honest anyone that goes on that panel is going to get stick either way. I hope RTE are paying them enough to put up with the nations opinions online, because some peoples opinions can be harsh. Your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t.

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It’s going to make for two cracking semi-finals between Limerick and Galway and Clare and Kilkenny.

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  1. So ignorant .I have no time for anyone who keeps interrupting others especially someone like Joe Canning who knows what he is talking about
    Hold it Women

  2. The lads do it all the time in fairness. Shtop with the anti female bias ya odd woman haters. It’s really cringey and petty to write an article like this about anyone.

  3. I think she is beautiful and interesting ,Joe Canning is a great addition also and without Davy ,what can I say love the guy and his passion for the game.

  4. Anna Geary is a brilliant pundit, but likes to hear herself talking!. I feel Joanne Cantwell should intervene when this happens. (in the interests of equality & balance).

  5. What’s with all of these articles lately? A similar story was published on Joanne Cantwell. Just because a few people on Twitter have an opinion, doesn’t make it widespread belief. It’s very obvious what you’re trying to do, Benchwarmers.

  6. In fairness, she is a legend, so sick of guys doing the same, all the time. She has brought a whole generation of femininity, steel punch with a velvet glove, I absolutely applaud her, Go Girl🤗👍

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