Andy Ruiz responds to account ‘hack’ that posted messages about prostitutes and smoking weed

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Andy Ruiz has claimed his Twitter account was hacked and responded to the posts.

His Twitter account had posted some very bizarre stuff indeed.


On an Instagram live he said:

“My Twitter got hacked by this b**ch that I know.

“She’s just mad. She’s mad because I’m happy, she’s mad because I’m with my girl. But I didn’t post anything man…

“That’s an evil person to be f***ing putting stuff out there.

“She’s trying to ruin my career. You can never do that, God has bigger plans for me than to be fighting with that f***ing little girl.

“I just don’t like people trying to make me look bad or trying to tell people to hate me or that I did this, I did that. That’s all bulls***.”

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