Andy Lee’s opponent: ‘Women are there for sex’; Katie Taylor responds

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Katie Taylor has responded to the views of Billy Joe Saunders who said women should not be boxing, but “are there for sex” instead.

Saunders, Andy Lee’s upcoming opponent at Thomond Park, was filmed on the iFL YouTube channel talking about the role of women in society.

He does not believe women should enter the boxing ring, and he outlined what he thought they should be doing instead.

You can hear his views on women’s boxing from 2 minutes and 41 seconds into the clip below.

He said: “I think women are there for sex. Every night. Hard sex. Women’s there for cleaning, cooking, washing and sex.”

However, he seemed to backtrack slightly when it came to Katie.

He said: “They’re not to put a headguard on and get punched in the face, although, I must say, Katie Taylor’s done extremely well and she once punched Frankie Gavin up in sparring.

“All jokes aside, that’s my opinion on women, but I’m just a sex maniac.”

Katie gave her own thoughts about Saunders’ stance on gender politics on Twitter last night, saying: “I feel sorry for his wife and daughter if that’s his only view of women.”