🚨Josh Adams accused of ‘Cheating’ by former England player as a war descends

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Former Leicester Tigers and England out-half turned rugby pundit Andy Goode was sharing his opinion on the way Josh Adams went down after getting taken out in the air by England full-back Freddie Stewart.

Serious call from Andy Goode.. See his tweets below that turned into a full on war.

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We’re only weeks away from the start of the Rugby World Cup and we can’t wait till the action gets going in France. It promises to be a cracker and one of the most competitive ones yet.

New Zealand look like they’re back to their best, when the All Blacks get going it takes a hell of a lot to stop them.

Hopefully Ireland can keep up their good form for the tournament.

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  1. Josh Adam’s did not initially hit his head, but in the continuing inertia his head does impact the ground. Regardless of how the player landed, the tackle was Reckless and Dangerous and as such should have been a Red Card
    Andy Goode would be shouting for a red card if such as tackle had been made on an English player

  2. Andy Goode, laughing stock when he played in Australia, who gives a s**t about his opinion, loves the sound of his own voice.

    1. The josh Adams tackle, was a straight red, goode knows that, all he’s doing is trying to is deflect from the Farrell (should have been a straight red) incident. Goode is not in a position to comment on any tackle incident, as he never tackled.

  3. Andy Goode, if that happened to one of England’s players you would be shouting for a red card, it was a reckless tackle and should have been a red card, you were a decent player but as a pundit you are very biased

  4. These so-called expert pundits are deliberately ignoring the whiplash effect of landing on your back and shoulder at speed from height. Goode’s comment isntworth the toilet paper it’s written on.Art

  5. Much like Nick White’s Oscar attempt which earned Faf a yellow..but Grant Williams being taken out in the air according to the ref a “rugby incident” and only bumped up to reckless play by the citing commissioner. The inconsistency is killing the game for many

  6. I’m sorry but what’s happened to rugby. Used to be a game of physical contact played by men who got up from a hard tackle and played on. Now some are like footballers who roll around on the ground trying to get players sent off. Get a grip and play the game. Oh and get rid of VAR .

  7. Taking someone’s feet from under them whilst they are in the air is completely reckless. Once he had done this Stewart was then responsible for how that player lands and he allowed Adams to fall from height onto his shoulder and neck. This was a clear red card offence. The ref got it wrong because no-one would have cared about a penalty try in a friendly game if Adams had of sustained a career ending injury. It was actually more dangerous than shoulder boyz antics!

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