Andrew Tate vows to “break every bone” in KSI’s face after boxing match callout

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Andrew Tate has responded to KSI’s callout – and it looks like he wants ALL the smoke.

Tate, a social media sensation, has recently been blacklisted by those pulling the strings on the internet. They have revoked his previously enormous platform.

Still, Tate was among those called out by KSI following the YouTuber’s double-victory on a memorable night of crossover boxing at the O2 Arena on Saturday.

It appears as though the former kickboxing world champion is on board with the idea of fighting KSI, too, having been quoted by the Mirror saying:

“This is a personal message to you KSI. I had no problem with you, I don’t f****ng know you but now you want to go from a fan to cowering out to the Matrix.”

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Internet personality Andrew Tate has vowed to beat KSI in a boxing match

“There is nothing more disgusting in the world than a male hypocrite. He doesn’t even stick by his guns and say ‘Andrew was alright, but he said some things he shouldn’t and got banned’.”

“You want to talk about having a boxing match, some three-round match against nobody I will take you 12 rounds and break every bone in your f****** face and you know it. Either before or after Jake is done with you. F****** dork, f*** KSI.”

Jake Paul has also been linked with a fight with Tate, so the race is on to strike an agreement with the internet personality. Who would you prefer to see him meet in the ring?


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