WATCH: Fan necks two beers and performs brilliant tackle on Solihull Moors striker Adam Rooney

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Altrincham vs Solihull Moors earlier in the week was blessed by one of the finest tackles you’re likely to see all season. However, it didn’t come from one of the players.

We’ve seen some quite masterful tackling over the years, from the folklore greats such as Franz Beckenbauer and Paolo Maldini, to the modern masters like Virgil Van Dijk and Thiago Silva.

Yet, a man who has performed a challenge that could measure up to any of the aforementioned has no previous footballing credentials. What does that tell us about the art of tackling?

As is reported by The Sun, Kaylum Green, a 21-year-old who had recently lost his job, attended Alrtincham vs Solihull Moors in a bid to put a smile back on his face. He drank two beers and mustered up the courage to get stuck in.

His big moment arrived as Solihull’s Adam Rooney ran down the left-channel towards the corner flag, before being dispossessed with one of the finest tackle’s you’ll ever see…

Pictures courtesy of BT Sport

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Green has had himself banned from all future Altrincham games as a result and, as per The Sun, there is a police investigation going on. That said, he probably won’t care at all. This is a moment he’ll remember for life…