(Video) Miguel Almiron sticks it to Jack Grealish with goal after title celebration jibe

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Miguel Almiron has shown his middle finger to Jack Grealish by scoring for Newcastle United against Manchester City.

Grealish, who is not starting for City at St. James’ Park, took a rather unnecessary dig at Almiron during Man City’s Premier League title celebrations.

Granted, Grealish had a drink or two inside him, but it was completely unprovoked and highly unprofessional to mock a fellow professional in that manner.

Jack Grealish mocked Miguel Almiron for absolutely no reason

Almiron has not allowed Grealish’s abuse to get to him, though. Instead, via a rather unorthodox finish, he drew Newcastle level against the champions.

Pictures courtesy of the Premier League

A penny for Grealish’s thoughts, with Almiron undoubtedly more motivated to score today after the former Villa skipper’s rather random criticism.

Grealish will be wanting to keep his mouth tightly shut in future through fear of offering players further motivation to score against Man City.