(Video) Miguel Almiron FINALLY breaks his silence over those Jack Grealish comments

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Miguel Almiron has FINALLY broken his silence on those controversial comments from England star Jack Grealish.

At the end of last season, after Manchester City were crowned champions, Grealish claimed that teammate Riyad Mahrez was substituted during their clash with Aston Villa as he ‘played like Almiron.’

It was an unnecessary and provoked jibe from Grealish, one that understandably didn’t go down well with Newcastle United fans, who absolutely adore Almiron.

The Paraguayan hasn’t let it get to him, though. He won the EA Sports Player of the Month award for October following some quite scintillating performances and wonderful goals.

There has been some suggestion that Almiron used Grealish’s comments as motivation to prove him wrong, but the man himself insists that is NOT the case.

He finally broke his silence on the Grealish topic, via an interpreter, and was nothing but polite and humble, insisting that his form is a result of hard work and showing his respect for Grealish…


  1. To be honest, as a Newcastle fan Grealish wasn’t to far wrong on Almiron previous to this season. Fortunately for us, the influence of the new manager is bringing out the best in him and long may it last.

  2. But Grealish isn’t intelegent enough to recognise that the issues with his game was the previous manager, e.g. coaching , tactics, fitness etc as well as other squad players have improved since getting rid of Bruce ball.

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