AI simulates fantasy Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali fight

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We asked ChatGPT to simulate a fantasy fight between heavyweight legends, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

Heres how AIs simulation went down.

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Round 1: Both fighters come out cautiously, feeling each other out with jabs and feints. Ali uses his superior height and reach to keep Tyson at bay, while Tyson tries to slip and bob his way inside. Ali lands a few crisp jabs and a right cross, while Tyson connects with a left hook and a right uppercut. Ali dances around the ring, taunting and trash-talking Tyson, while Tyson stalks him with a menacing glare.

Round 2: Tyson increases his aggression, and starts to cut off the ring. He unleashes a barrage of hooks and uppercuts to the body and head of Ali, who tries to clinch and tie him up. Ali absorbs some heavy shots, but also counters with some sharp combinations of his own. Tyson staggers Ali with a left hook, but Ali recovers and clinches again. The referee warns both fighters to break cleanly.

Round 3: Ali regains his composure, and starts to use his footwork and jab more effectively. He keeps Tyson at a distance, and snaps his head back with some stiff jabs and straight rights. Tyson tries to close the gap, but Ali ties him up whenever he gets too close. Ali also lands some sneaky punches in the clinch, and frustrates Tyson with his speed and movement. The round ends with Ali ahead on points.

Round 4: Tyson comes out with renewed determination, and manages to trap Ali in a corner. He unleashes a furious flurry of punches, and hurts Ali with a right uppercut. Ali tries to fight back, but Tyson overwhelms him with his power and speed. Ali goes down for the first time in the fight, and barely beats the count. Tyson smells blood, and goes for the kill. He lands another right uppercut, and follows up with a left hook. Ali goes down again, and this time he does not get up. The referee stops the fight, and declares Tyson the winner by knockout.

AI wrote: The simulation shows that Tyson would have a good chance of beating Ali by knockout, if he could catch him with his devastating punches. However, this is not the only possible outcome, as Ali could also outbox and outsmart Tyson, if he could avoid his power and use his skills and experience. Therefore, the question of who would win between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson remains a matter of opinion and speculation, and one that will never be settled for sure.

Who would you back in this mythical match-up? Let us know in the comments.

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