AI simulates fantasy Oleksandr Usyk vs Mike Tyson fight

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Oleksandr Usyk takes on Mike Tyson in this mythical match-up.

We put ChatGPT to the test and asked it to simulate a fight between the Ukrainian and the former baddest man on the planet.

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Here are the results:

That is an interesting hypothetical match-up. Oleksandr Usyk and Mike Tyson are both great boxers, but they have different styles and strengths. Usyk is a southpaw who relies on his speed, footwork, and technical skills. Tyson is an orthodox fighter who has tremendous power, aggression, and chin. Here is how I imagine a 12 round fight between them would go:

Round 1: Usyk starts cautiously, using his jab and movement to keep Tyson at bay. Tyson tries to close the distance and land his hooks and uppercuts, but Usyk avoids most of them. Usyk lands a few combinations and wins the round on points.

Round 2: Tyson increases his pressure and manages to cut off the ring. He traps Usyk in the corner and unleashes a barrage of punches. Usyk covers up and tries to clinch, but Tyson pushes him off and continues to attack. Usyk is hurt and barely survives the round.

Round 3: Usyk recovers and tries to regain his rhythm. He uses his angles and footwork to create some space and land some counters. Tyson is still aggressive and lands some body shots and overhand rights. The round is close, but Tyson edges it.

Round 4: Usyk finds his groove and starts to outbox Tyson. He uses his jab and straight left to keep Tyson at bay. He also lands some hooks and uppercuts when Tyson tries to get inside. Tyson is frustrated and starts to lose his composure. Usyk wins the round clearly.

Round 5: Tyson regains his focus and tries to turn the tide. He feints and slips some of Usyks punches and lands some hard shots of his own. He also works the body and tries to slow down Usyk. Usyk is still sharp and lands some counters, but Tyson wins the round on aggression.

Round 6: Usyk and Tyson exchange some punches in the center of the ring. Usyk is faster and more accurate, but Tyson is stronger and more powerful. Both fighters land some clean shots and hurt each other. The round is exciting and even.

Round 7: Usyk starts to take control of the fight. He uses his superior stamina and skills to outwork Tyson. He lands some combinations and flurries that make Tyson back up. Tyson is still dangerous and lands some haymakers, but Usyk avoids most of them. Usyk wins the round convincingly.

Round 8: Tyson is tired and battered, but he refuses to give up. He tries to land one big punch that can change the fight, but Usyk is too smart and elusive. Usyk continues to pepper Tyson with jabs and straights. He also lands some hooks and uppercuts that make Tysons eyes swell. Usyk dominates the round.

Round 9: Usyk smells blood and goes for the finish. He unleashes a barrage of punches that overwhelm Tyson. Tyson tries to fight back, but he is too slow and worn out. Usyk lands a left hook that drops Tyson to the canvas. Tyson gets up at the count of eight, but he is badly hurt. The referee stops the fight and declares Usyk the winner by TKO.

How do you think a fantasy fight would have played out? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Utter nonsense. Remember a certain Michael Spinks? . Supposedly a far super Boxer. Usyk looks uncomfortable when someone really puts it on him. Bellew had his moments, and Despite the ruling against Dubois. Usyk was hurt. Tyson in his prime stops Usyk mid fight

  2. yeah ai simulation gives a generic picture but defainlty doesnt cover the real details. how could an ai possible get these details right??

  3. I agree with most of the comments. What seems to have been ignored is that Tyson at his peak was not only a devastating puncher, but an incredibly fast and very accurate puncher.
    Usyk who is very good would not be able to withstand the pressure speed or power Tyson produces. He is one of the best of all time, and there are only one or two who were close to as good as him or possibly better, of whom Ali is definitely one.

  4. You wrote this nonsense to stir the pot, and bait people, like myself, to make comments…how could I not, this is so unbelievable…ok…
    QUESTION: Which Tyson is in this hypothetical match up? You must be talking about Tyson present day 12/01/2023, because Tyson was way faster, and way better defensively than most heavyweights ..and its beyond debate about who has more power, etc…prime Tyson ends the fight in 3 rounds ko…any other time after his “prime”Tyson ends the fight by ko in the 5th or 6th round.

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