Roman Abramovich involved in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine

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Roman Abramovich, who has been heavily sanctioned by the UK government, is understood to be involved in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Soon after Russian president Vladimir Putin made the contemptible decision to invade the neighbouring Ukraine, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich became a person of interest.

Abramovich is alleged to have links, both historic and ongoing, with Putin and as a consequence, the UK government felt it necessary to impose sanctions upon him and freeze his assets – Chelsea included.

As a result, Abramovich has fast become public enemy number one on these shores, and while that isn’t totally unjustified, recent reports by Reuters suggest that the Russian oligarch may have a role to play in achieving peace.

Roman Abramovich (pictured) is reportedly involved in Russia-Ukraine peace talks

Exactly what capacity Abramovich has in the reported peace talks is unclear, but for a man so private, we can assume that this is no PR patch-up job and he really is intent on putting an end to the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

That doesn’t undo his alleged wrongdoing to date and some may deem it unforgivable, but it’s important to understand the full context in these situations, else you cannot form an informed opinion on the most pressing issue in global news at current.

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