A-list celebrity has been spotted with Miss Croatia 😯

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The former Miss Croatia posted an image of her getting up close and personal with Drake on Instagram. 

Ivana Knoll has become an internet sensation since she appeared at the Qatar World Cup last month. The 26-year-old made headlines with her choice of clothing at the tournament and attracted the attention of more than just the locals.

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The Croatian talked about her choice of clothing and the reaction that the locals had in an interview with The Sun.

“First, I was thinking if the World Cup is happening there, they for sure will allow everything to make it comfortable for all fans without any of their restrictions,” Knoll said.

“Then I heard about the rules and I was shocked. In the dress code, you’re forbidden from showing your shoulders, knees, belly and neck.

“The whole country is speaking about it. Everybody knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted.”

Her new-found fame has given her access to some of Hollywood’s a-list parties and celebrities.

One of which was Drake who she took a picture with and posted it on Instagram.


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Knoll also posted a picture of her and Jamie Foxx.


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